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Our Mission

Our Mission


The Owl of Minerva Spreads Its Wings Only with the Falling of The Dusk.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831)

It is said that the owl, the messenger of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, flies away when an era is about to end, as if to sum up that era. Today, in the twilight of this era, when the old system dividing the world into smaller and smaller areas by national borders no longer matches the movement of people, money, goods, and information, we, “OWL Investments,” are flying away in search of a new way of society and a non-centralized means of preserving and exchanging value in the new era.

We are the Owl that sums up the era that is coming to an end and predicts the future, but we are not mere critics. We are activists ourselves, moving the times forward.

We want you to experience the future with us.

Our Business

Our Business

Asset Management and
Lifestyle for a New Era

We, “OWL Investments”, assist our clients in global asset management and administration through OWL corporations in Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong in order to efficiently manage their valuable assets.



Company Profile


Managing Director

Takashi Komine
(Attorney at Law in Japan)

He graduated from University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law (LLB) and University of Oxford, Graduate School (MBA).
He has worked for Sidley Austin (Tokyo and Hong Kong) and worked for TMI Associates. (While working for TMI Associates, he was stationed at C.P. Lin & Co. in Hong Kong.)
Since July 2018, he has been working for OWL Investments.
He mainly assists high net worth individuals to create investment schemes into Japan, also he assists them to obtain investment visa of Japan.

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