We assist our clients with outbound/inbound services for their business, assets, real estate, etc.

OWL’s Advisory Services

Outbound from Japan

Establishment and management of overseas corporations in Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.
Establishment of an overseas corporation
Opening of overseas bank accounts in Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.
Opening of overseas bank accounts
Establishment of overseas asset transfer/asset management scheme for domestic assets
Asset transfer/management
Overseas Migration / Overseas Bilingual Education Support
Overseas Migration/Study Abroad

Inbound to Japan

Building a Japan Real Estate Investment Scheme
Real Estate Investment
Acquiring Residency in Japan
Migration / Residency Acquisition

Outbound from the legal tender world

BTC Mining Investment Support

We support investment in domestic tourism resources and crypto assets with our unique network and know-how.

OWL’s own and investment business

Inbound tourism property investment and management in Japan
Tourism Property Investment
BTC Mining Business
Mining Investment

We provide individualized services for each procedure such as overseas incorporation, visa acquisition, trademark registration, etc.

Other Services

Singapore, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, BVI, Seychelles, and other offshore companies
Cost: from HK$15,000
Visa support
Hong Kong (working visa, investment visa), Thailand (retirement visa, Thai Elite), Taiwan, other countries
Cost: HK$13,000 and up
Opening a bank account in Hong Kong or Singapore (corporate or personal account)
Cost: from HK$3,500
Opening of other overseas bank accounts
Cost: HK$3,500 and up


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