Advantages of OWL’s real estate investment in Japan

Non-Japanese investors have invested in a wide range of properties, from commercial properties in major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka to resorts in Hokkaido and other regions. As the tax burden on property investment in Japan varies greatly depending on the structure, there is a risk of a heavy tax burden if you do not consider tax obligations. OWL can help you to overcome such problems.

Who can we recommend a property investment in Japan?

1. People who have difficulty in preparing the necessary documents and completing the necessary procedures, including remittance, when purchasing properties in Japan

2. People who want to reduce their tax burden when buying properties in Japan

3. People who own properties in Japan and want to reduce Japanese inheritance tax

Our Services


Consulting on the process of purchasing properties

We will advise flows when non-Japanese purchase properties in Japan. We will support preparing necessary documents and remittances to Japan.


Designing a structure to reduce tax burden.
We will consider whether to purchase by individual or Japan/foreign entity

When constructing a complex structure with significant tax savings, we will proceed in cooperation with Japanese lawyers and accountants.


Support for tax payment and accounting procedures

If you earn income from properties in Japan, you need to pay tax in Japan. OWL can liaise between the investors and Japanese local tax accountants to support tax payment procedures. Also, OWL can liaise between the accountants in the investors resident countries and the Japanese tax office.

Advantages to work with OWL

Extensive experience of using Japanese, Hong Kong, Singapore and offshore companies

When purchasing properties in Japan, it is possible to purchase through a Hong Kong, Singapore, offshore companies. And this often reduces the tax burden. OWL has extensive experience in helping clients purchase Japanese properties under such companies’ name to reduce tax burden.

OWL has experience of smoothing Japanese properties purchase procedures

OWL has wide range of experiences of purchasing Japanese properties under non-Japanese companies’ name. Therefore, OWL can support preparation of necessary documents, remittance from overseas to Japan, and tax payment in Japan.

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