Advantages of Cryptocurrency Mining

Since 2017, when cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin soared, cryptocurrencies have been attracting attention globally. It is very fast and convenient when transferring cryptocurrencies than transferring fiat currencies via banks.
For this reason, demand for cryptocurrencies have been increasing, especially in communist countries, emerging countries, and developing countries, where foreign exchange regulations are strict.
Buying bitcoin machine is same as buying a goldmine. It can make money.
Bitcoin mining is a system that allows you to obtain gold at a low price over the long term by buying gold mines. OWL has created a system in Russia from 2019 and Laos from 2022, where many hydroelectric power plants are located and electricity prices are low, and we started providing the service to our clients.

Who can we recommend a cryptocurrency mining

1. People who want to make a stable profits in cryptocurrencies

2. People who want depreciation and save tax by purchasing mining equipments

3. People who are interested in crypto business

Our services


Procedures for purchasing and managing mining equipments

We will explain available cryptocurrency mining equipments. You can purchase mining equipments from us. We will store the equipments at our mining facility in Russia or Laos.


Procedure after starting BTC mining

The mined bitcoin will be transferred to your wallet directly from time to time.


Mining Site Visit in Russia/Laos

We are happy to bring you to the mining site in Russia or Laos.

Advantages to work with OWL

Transparent operation

Among cryptocurrency mining, there is also a form called “cloud mining” that collects funds from many investors and distributes the mining results to the investors. This is similar to investment funds. However, unlike investment funds that are strictly regulated by laws and regulations, “cloud mining” is not regurated by laws. Therefore, there were many cases of fraudulent management. On the other hand, OWL sells mining equipment (with serial numbers) to investors and keeps them at our facility. Also all the earned bitcoins are transfeered directly to clients’ wallets. Therefore, investors can clearly see how much bitcoin is being mined from the mining equipment they own.

On-site inspection in Russia or Laos

We are happy to bring you to the mining site.
You can see how your mining equipments are performing at the site. Also, when you visit Russia or Laos, you can enjoy the nature and cuisine of those countries.

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