Advantages of a crypto investment vehicle (“Solo Crypto Fund”)

Every cryptocurrency investors know that there are various cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and that some of them privide high quality services. However, cryptocurrency traders in “Restricted Location” cannot use full services of some crypto currency exchanges. In particular, since Binance (the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange) restrict residents in “Restricted Location”, they cannot enjoy crypto currency trading. However, even if you live in such “Restricted Location”, you can use full service of Binance if you have an overseas corporation to invest in crypto assets and operate it as a “Solo Crypto Fund”.

Who can we recommend a crypto asset investment vehicle (“Sole Crypto Fund”)?

Those who want to use full services of a crypto currency exchange but live in a country where the crypto currency exchange does not offer full services.

Our Services


Consulting service for company formation

We will propose you company formation (Hong Kong company, BVI company, etc.) according to your investment plan.


Company Formation

Company formation (Hong Kong corporation, BVI corporation, etc.) are explained in detail on this page.


Open a cryptocurrency exchange account

OWL will help you open a corporate account smoothly


Company Management

OWL will support a corporate management such as bookkeeping for the established overseas corporations.

Advantages to work with OWL

Strategy planning using overseas corporations

OWL can keep close relationship with clients even after the incorporation. OWL listens to customers’ situation, listens to issues that customers have, and makes proposals to overcome those issues.

OWL will support company management in collaboration with experts from various countries

OWL will support operating your company even after the incorporation such as tax matters. OWL consultants can liaise between experts in each country and you.

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