Advantages of OWL’s visa support

Japan is a very comfortable country to live in. Everywhere you go is clean and the food is delicious. We will help you obtain long-stay visa and help you support finding houses, open bank account, apply for schools for your children, help you obtain a mobile number in Japan….etc.

Who can we recommend a visa support in Japan?

1. People who want to live in Japan

2. People who want to be prepared to stay in Japan for an extended period of time in order to evacuate to Japan in the event of a conflict, etc.

Our services


Consulting service

We will have an initial meeting. We can also discuss schemes that facilitate your tax benefits.
Based on the meeting, we will propose a plan for your migration in Japan.


Obtain visa

We will prepare all the documents for you.


Support your start-up life in Japan

We will help you start up life in Japan after obtaining a visa.
Housing, mobile phone, school application, open the bank account….etc

Advantages to work with OWL

Plan a strategy to obtain the tax benefits moving to Japan

Clients are always welcome to seek the advise from us if you have any problem.

Japanese lawyer’s support

OWL’s managing director is a lawyer licensed in Japan. So, we can make advices based on Japanese law and regulations.

Service Fee


Incorporation of a Japanese company  

JPY 150,000 (+ TAX 10%) Also need expenses (Notary office: JPY 51,940 , Stamp duty: JPY 40,000, Registration: JPY 150,000) 


Open a corporate bank account

JPY 350,000~ 


Obtain Management Visa (Keiei Kanri Visa)

JPY 500,000~ 

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us for consulting.
We will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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