Property Investment Support


Investment support for one building in Osaka city. 

Our company has supported Singaporean customers when they are purchasing a building in Osaka city. When purchased under the individual name, we explained that there was a possibility that inheritance tax might be imposed in future inheritance, and advised the format to purchase under the corporate name established by the customer.

In addition, we have supported real estate sales contract review, opening a Japanese bank account under a personal name and a corporate name, and also transferring real estate registry. 

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Investment support in purchasing a villa in Hokkaido.

We have done a lot of supports for customers such as Hong Kong, Chinese, etc purchasing a villa in Hokkaido. As an example of this, we cover this support for Taiwanese customers purchasing a villa in Hokkaido. In this case, Taiwanese brothers (one living in China) jointly tried to purchase a villa in Hokkaido. In addition, we hoped to avoid the personal name being posted on the corporation registration. Therefore, we established the corporation outside Japan then proposed and implemented a structure to purchase the real estate under the corporate name. We also supported real estate sales contract review, real estate registry transfer procedure and more.

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